Sigma Kappa

Theta Omicron Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Welcome Potential New Members!

My name is Lauren and I am the Vice President of Membership for Sigma Kappa at Arizona State University. A couple years ago I was in your shoes trying to figure out the whole recruitment process. I was the first person in my family to ever join Greek life and originally I did not know if Greek life was for me. I have lived in Arizona my entire life so my freshman year I stayed close with my high school friends and didn’t make as much of an effort to meet more people. The summer going into my sophomore year I decided I wanted to get more involved and make more friends. My coworker suggested I go through formal recruitment and I signed up still skeptical and confused about the process. Looking back at it now I am so happy I took the risk and went through recruitment. Joining Sigma Kappa has helped me grow as a person in ways I never thought were possible. My sisters encourage me to always be the best version of myself by doing well in school, getting involved in our community, and taking on leadership positions. Sigma Kappa is full of diverse women who are positive, intellectual, kind, passionate and fun to be around. My sisters are always there to give me advice and make me smile. Without Sigma Kappa my life at ASU would have looked very different. I am now involved on campus, know how to be an effective leader (which will help me with my future endeavours), and what I think is most important have met the most genuine people and my best friends. I owe a lot of my happiness to the recruitment process and I am so lucky I found my home in Sigma Kappa.


My wish for you is that you too find a home that makes you a better version of yourself. ASU has 13 Panhellenic chapters that participate in formal recruitment. I encourage you to register for recruitment and see for yourself how special each chapter is at ASU. I look forward to greeting you at Sigma Kappa and on behalf of all my sisters and I we wish you the best of luck at finding your home here at Arizona State.


To register for recruitment please click here (link opens June 1st)


Best Wishes,

Lauren Ott

Vice President of Membership

Sigma Kappa Theta Omicron Chapter

Arizona State University